1. Product Description

The purpose of SnowMirror Monitor is to provide an overview of your synchronizations directly from ServiceNow instance.

Prerequisite for Monitor to show any data is at least one SnowMirror product up and running in customer’s environment. SnowMirror product handles communication between ServiceNow instance and a target database where customer wants his data to be migrated. This communication runs as a daemon process by SnowMirror product.

Communication with ServiceNow instance is done via web services. Monitor doesn’t need any additional rights to perform it’s job. Rights assigned to user used for SnowMirror product are sufficient.

Monitor watches status of all products connected to the same ServiceNow instance. It uses HeartBeat functionality to monitor server status. HeartBeats are periodically sending response requests to all SnowMirror products and Monitor lets products answer these requests. If answered properly the product status is recognized as "on" and as "off" on the contrary.

Monitor retrieves all synchronization definitions from all products. It provides to user very compact view on the definition itself including all details about scheduler and also also full load scheduler. List of single runs of the definition and also all synchronized columns are listed with each definition.

Monitor stores all runs of all synchronization in one single module. Available filtering makes this list very usable when users seeks for information about particular run.

On top of that Monitor provides various graphs and dashboards for monitoring SnowMirror product performance so user is able to take action whenever necessary.

1.1. Prerequisites

This chapter lists all prerequisites needed before installation of SnowMirror Monitor.

  1. Target customer’s ServiceNow instance up and running.

  2. SnowMirror product installed & setup & running in customer’s environment.

Monitor is not able to retrieve historical data from old synchronization’s runs. It starts loading data at the very moment of setting Monitor "on" in SnowMirror product.

SnowMirror monitor can watch several SnowMirror applications installed on different servers. In order to work correctly those SnowMirror servers have to have different names.

Minimal versions of related software versions:

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2. Installation Instructions

Installation process is straight-forward. It consists of two basic steps. It is strongly recommended to keep the order as is:

  1. Load the SnowMirror Monitor Application into ServiceNow instance.

  2. Set up SnowMirror product to communicate with the monitor.

For correct installation of application please follow detailed instructions below. Screenshots below are taken from Geneva ServiceNoc version. They are also valid for Fuji version too, just graphic is very sligtly different.

Installation steps for SnowMirror Monitor application in ServiceNow
  1. Login to ServiceNow instance as a user with rights to install applications / load update set (usually with admin role).

  2. In left navigation pane go to “Update sets" and select "Retrieved update sets

  3. On opened page select option ""Use Related links "Import update sets".


  1. Click on "Browse" to find update set to load.


  1. Find SnowMirror Monitor update set. It is located in SnowMirror’s installation folder. Usually, it is "C:\Program Files\SnowMirror\snow-mirror\monitor". There, there is "SnowMirror Monitor-5.5.9.xml" file. Choose it and click on "Open".


  1. Click on "Upload" and wait until it is fully uploaded.


    Please note that loading of the update set may take some time. After approx. 10sec you can see a timer right next to the logged username indicating that operation is in progress.


  1. When loading is finished a Review Update Set module opens. Open the update set by hitting its name "SnowMirror Monitor".


  1. Review the update set by click on button "Preview Update Set".