SnowMirror Certified for Helsinki


ServiceNow Certified

Now Certified - The Official ServiceNow Application CertificateSnowMirror Monitor, the native ServiceNow application, has just received the official ServiceNow certification for the ServiceNow Helsinki release. The application is available for download on the ServiceNow Store. The whole SnowMirror team is proud to achieve this important milestone. Thanks to the certification and TPP teams in ServiceNow.

is a smart data replication tool for ServiceNow. The data is loaded from a ServiceNow instance and stored in a relational database such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server, installed in a local environment. This mirror database can be used for custom reporting, data warehouse loads, system integration, data backup and more. Download a free trial to evaluate SnowMirror using your own ServiceNow instance.

SnowMirror Monitor is a native ServiceNow application for monitoring SnowMirror agent operation. It allows ServiceNow administrators and other roles to monitor several SnowMirror agents directly from the ServiceNow environment without using the SnowMirror user interface. The application contains a module with a list of synchronizations as well as a module with the full replication history including the logs. The application is ready for extensions so the customers can create custom events, notifications or business rules using the activity records produced by the agents.

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