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Introducing SnowMirror

Load your data from a servicenow or salesforce instance and store it into a local database installed in your environment.
Use your local database for custom reporting, data warehouse load, system integration, backup and more!

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Snow-Mirror is a great turnkey solution for local data replication out of ServiceNow.
Raman Gupta
Compared to a SSIS/OBDC solution, we saved 99% of the time on developing staging packages for our datawarehouse.
Jesper Christensen
Region Hovedstaden Denmark
Main Benefits

Your Performance

Off-Load Reporting
and Business Intelligence

Your Integrations

Performance Chart

Improve the performance of your cloud instance by introducing SnowMirror!

Not all reports or integrated applications need live data. By reading the data from a mirror database the load of the cloud instance is much lower.

SnowMirror itself puts minimal overhead on the cloud instance. The replication algorithms were fine-tuned to download huge amount of data with low performance impact.

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Create custom reports!

Connect to a traditional, local database (e.g. Oracle or MySQL) containing replicated data from a ServiceNow instance. Then create custom reports on all sorts of existing reporting platforms and BI tools.

Select tables, columns and schedule regular data replication to have fresh data as needed.

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Leverage the mirror database to connect read-only integrations!

No more point-to-point real-time interfaces relying on the unstable and unreliable Internet connection.

Integrate applications with the database in your local network and improve the integration architecture.

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Meet Our Expert

We designed an architecture and implemented 30+ integration points for one of our ServiceNow clients. Thanks to SnowMirror we leveraged proven reporting solutions and analyzed data effectively by business intelligence tools.

Pavel Müller
SnowMirror Consultant

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