We have just released new SnowMirror 3.7. This version focuses on improvements in the SnowMirror Backup module. It introduces a new attachment backup feature, adds a support for differential backups and splits the traditional SnowMirror product from SnowMirror Backup.

Attachment Backup

The previous versions supported only attachment synchronization which means that SnowMirror was maintaining a fresh copy of all files attached to a certain ServiceNow table. This new version enables performing full, incremental and differential backups of attachments. The retention period settings is available as well. The attachments are stored in a directory structure where each record has its own folder named by the record’s display value and the folder contains the attachments. The whole structure is being zipped, so each backup consists of just one file.

Differential Backup

Differential backup is a new type of backup storing all the changes since the last full backup. In comparison, incremental backup stores all changes since the last full or incremental backup. The advantage of differential backups is that in case of restore only two files are being processed. The last full backup and the last differential backup while with the incremental backups all the increments since the last full backup have to be restored. This new feature is available for both ServiceNow table and attachment backups.

Independent SnowMirror Backup

SnowMirror 3.7 contains improvements which allow SnowMirror Backup to be purchased as a standalone product or as upgrade to SnowMirror Enterprise Edition. If installing with the backup license then no database configuration is required and the replication features are not available.

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Don’t forget to grab a free ginger bread and a flash drive with the pre-installed SnowMirror tool. Our management team will also be available for a discussion about cooperation with other ServiceNow partners as well as other cooperation in implementing ServiceNow projects and providing development services.

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