SnowMirror customers have a powerful new tool available to them – a specialised support portal that brings together a knowledge base and the ability to open and monitor support cases. 

The new portal at, powered by ServiceNow of course, is a tool that has long been on the roadmap for both regular users and the SnowMirror team as well. “We believe it will become an integral part of our support process, and will allow us to provide better support to SnowMirror customers worldwide,” said SnowMirror Consultant Pavel Müller.

Here’s what customers need to know about the new SnowMirror support portal:

Because the portal is powered by ServiceNow, users are able to create new cases directly from the portal and monitor their progress. Cases are handled by the SnowMirror support team.

The first phase of the portal also includes an extensive collection of detailed technical articles on SnowMirror attributes and potential issues. The articles cover areas such as installation, licencing, and general questions.

“We believe our users will find the new SnowMirror support portal useful, and we look forward to adding new features based on customer feedback,” Pavel Müller said.

If you’d like to talk with us about how SnowMirror can help your business get the most out of ServiceNow, please get in touch.

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