ServiceNow is emerging as the most powerful automation tool for solving enterprise problems. It provides digital solutions to automate & optimize the internal and external business processes. A platform that started as a simple ticketing tool is now a global services provider with its tagline “The Smarter Way to Workflow”. ServiceNow’s mission is to “Transform IT to Revolutionize the Enterprise”. It aligns with its customers planning digital transformations from manual and legacy processes. The tool provides consolidated and standardized automated services & workflows. Here are some major contributors of why ServiceNow is the ultimate workflow automation tool there is on the market. 

Let’s dive in!

One platform for multiple business problems

Another reason for ServiceNow being a powerful tool is its many product offerings. ServiceNow addresses a wide variety of business problems with its automated solutions. This makes the decision easier for organizations to choose a single tool over many. ServiceNow evolves with each release and all standard out-of-the-box solutions enrich over time.

Simplicity of the automated tool

Although ServiceNow offers extensive features, it’s far from being complex. The simple core of the platform ensures the consistency of all the workflows built on it. The low-code to no-code implementation options are available to configure the tool as needed. It is one of the very few technical tools where the people from business & management can have technical oversight. Just a basic understanding of ServiceNow as a platform goes a long way.

Power of custom automations

Why is it claimed that anything is possible in ServiceNow? It isn’t because the tool offers everything! It means if there is no out-of-the-box solution available for business needs, then create one without moving out of the tool. The power lies in the ability to create digital workflows from scratch, utilizing the ServiceNow platform. The possibilities become limitless with ServiceNow Creator workflows.

Power of integrations

Instead of competing with other systems, ServiceNow compliments other systems. This is possible by ServiceNow’s ability to integrate with any tool in the enterprise. ServiceNow has simple yet powerful integration options available including REST, SOAP, Emails etc. ServiceNow IntegrationHub supports many out-of-the-box spokes to support integration tasks.

Resource for business leaders

While the employees of any organization perform, the business leaders measure. Any tool that offers tons of technical solutions, but zero business value is of no use for leaders. The business leaders ensure that their organization only invests in the right tool. ServiceNow has a huge favour of business leaders because it offers as many business benefits as technical ones. Here are to list few of them:

When organizations get a technical tool, they try to find out its business value. ServiceNow makes so much business sense already. that the organizations are trying to find out its technical value and usage. And this is the essence of ServiceNow’s strategy which sets it apart in the market as an automation tool.

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