ServiceNow provides multiple business solutions widely used by organizations. Many users interact with the system according to the roles and privileges they have on it. Even though the simple user interface of ServiceNow is standard across all the user personas, it can get overwhelming due to enriched features. 

Here are some simple tips and tricks for the regular users of ServiceNow that can help improve platform usage experience.

Create favorite

The filter navigation of ServiceNow is a wonder! It displays and helps to search for anything and everything made available for the logged-in user. Users can see the applications and modules in the order configured by the system administrator. Filter navigation comes in handy when a user needs to navigate any record, list, report or dashboard, etc. However, it can get cumbersome when a user frequently visits anything that takes a few clicks or few searches to navigate. The “Create Favorite” option comes in handy in this scenario and enables quick access to bookmarked items. This feature allows users to pin the most frequently visited items in the “Favorites” tab.

Here are the steps to configure a favorite in ServiceNow:

Save filters

Users with access to a list view can search different result sets based on the filter query. ServiceNow allows users to save query filters with the additional ability to share with other users in the system.

Here are the steps to save a filter in the ServiceNow list view:

Change user theme

The ServiceNow system administrator configures the instance theme reflecting the company branding. Users can also modify their theme to differentiate different instances or just for a change in UI. 

Here are the steps to modify the personal theme for ServiceNow:

Table access shortcuts

ServiceNow is a relational database. It means that everything is stored in a table. Knowing and remembering the table names can be useful in quick access to table list view or new record view etc.

Here are some tips and shortcuts for quick table access in ServiceNow:

Update multiple records

ServiceNow provides the ability to update multiple records in one go. This ServiceNow feature is very effective when similar updates are required for different records at the same time.  

Here is how multiple records can be updated simultaneously:

All users, admins, developers, executives, etc. can use these tips to make their daily tasks in ServiceNow even more effective!

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