It’s easier than ever to replicate your valuable ServiceNow data to your cloud infrastructure with the release of SnowMirror 5.0, the smart replication solution for ServiceNow.

SnowMirror 5.0 adds support for Amazon Redshift as well as static files export for Amazon S3, Azure Storage and Google Cloud Storage. This means ServiceNow users can use SnowMirror to save static CSV files on cloud storage or for data lakes, or in a relational database like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or data warehouses like Snowflake.

Cloud storage support was a frequent request from SnowMirror users, and the development team made it a priority in this release. A key consideration for many users is cost; prices for cloud storage are considerably lower than they are for cloud database services. “For certain users, it makes economic sense to use cloud storage as a staging area before performing ETL operations on your ServiceNow data. Users can do this on their own time as they prepare reports in tools like Tableau or PowerBI based on their ServiceNow data.” SnowMirror Developer Radek Vařbuchta explained.

Users can also take advantage of the numerous data tools available on the cloud platforms. Another benefit of cloud storage is that there are no size limits on the data you can potentially store. 

SnowMirror is the leading replication solution for ServiceNow, and is in production in a large number of Fortune 500 companies and large organizations worldwide. Companies such as Comcast, Sky UK, Syngenta, and the State of Ohio rely on SnowMirror for their ServiceNow replication needs.

Many companies use SnowMirror to create reports in tools like Tableau or PowerBI based on data from ServiceNow. The SnowMirror website offers a wide variety of resources to show how ServiceNow data can be used in multiple use cases, including live webinars and webinars on demand.

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SnowMirror 5.0 is available for a 30-day free trial. Visit the SnowMirror website at for more information.

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