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Using SnowMirror with Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular cloud services in the world, offering everything from virtual machines to SQL servers to managed disks. SnowMirror is a smart replication tool for ServiceNow and Salesforce. But what a lot of potential…

5 ServiceNow tips & tricks


ServiceNow provides multiple business solutions widely used by organizations. Many users interact with the system according to the roles and privileges they have on it. Even though the simple user interface of ServiceNow is standard across all the user personas,…

ServiceNow shows impressive results in Q3 2021


As the smart solution for ServiceNow data replication, SnowMirror is proud to play an active role in the Now Platform ecosystem. We’re especially encouraged by the strong financial results reported by ServiceNow for Q3 2021, which illustrate the platform’s immense…

Understanding what a ServiceNow workflow actually is


Organizations have policies with multiple internal and external business processes. A business process is a definition of steps involving different people and tasks to be performed by people to deliver a service. Here are few examples of business processes: The…

What’s coming in ServiceNow Rome


ServiceNow’s Rome release offers a number of innovations and improvements ranging from the Flow Designer to the Integration Hub. Rome will also include changes in Process Automation Designer and Playbooks, as well as improvements to security. Rome will also feature…

Why ServiceNow is the ultimate workflow automation tool on the market


ServiceNow is emerging as the most powerful automation tool for solving enterprise problems. It provides digital solutions to automate & optimize the internal and external business processes. A platform that started as a simple ticketing tool is now a global…

SnowMirror launches new support portal


SnowMirror customers have a powerful new tool available to them – a specialised support portal that brings together a knowledge base and the ability to open and monitor support cases.  The new portal at, powered by ServiceNow of course,…

Creative ways to connect PowerBI to ServiceNow data


On the SnowMirror website, we see that one of the more popular topics people search for is how they can connect PowerBI to their ServiceNow data. This was the topic of a recent SnowMirror webinar which you can view on…

SnowMirror is now a part of Infosys’ product offerings


SnowMirror is now offered as part of Infosys' Enterprise Service Management Cafe.

SnowMirror by GuideVision, the smart replication system for ServiceNow, is now included in Infosys’ market-leading Cobalt and Enterprise Service Management Cafe solutions. Infosys Cobalt has a large repository of ServiceNow industry cloud solutions such as the Enterprise Service Management Café….

SnowMirror 4.9 released: Fully compatible with ServiceNow Quebec


We are proud to announce the new SnowMirror 4.9 release. This release is fully compatible with the new ServiceNow Quebec release. It also contains several new smaller features requested by the SnowMirror community. For example, there is a new option…

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