Common misconceptions about SnowMirror


Common misconceptions about SnowMirror can be quickly put to rest and the true value of the smart replication tool can be fully put to use.

Because it works as an extension to products like ServiceNow or Salesforce, SnowMirror is sometimes misunderstood, but once potential users understand how useful it is and how much functionality it enables, it quickly becomes a must-have part of a company’s IT stack.

One frequent misconception among companies interested in using SnowMirror involves questions over whether the software needs to be installed on a physical computer in the company’s infrastructure or if it can be installed on another cloud, such as Microsoft Azure. “SnowMirror can definitely be installed on Azure or any other cloud service that provides Windows virtual machines,” Müller said, adding that  “the SnowMirror installation process is pretty simple on a Windows VM using the standard installer.”

Understanding what SnowMirror does and doesn’t do is also important, Müller explained, providing a few examples of things replication doesn’t solve. “SnowMirror doesn’t make the reports,” he explained. “It provides the underlying data to other tools such as Tableau, PowerBI or Qlik, and those provide the reports.”

SnowMirror also doesn’t map data to the customer’s data warehouse, he explained. “There aren’t any transformation functions in SnowMirror, so users will have to map their data to the requirements of the given tool themselves,” he explained.

SnowMirror is a read-only tool, and that is a benefit. “In reality you don’t want to have a tool that can update or even delete ServiceNow data in bulk without any controls,” he explained. “It isn’t a two-way tool,” Müller said.

Certain users may also not understand that a SnowMirror license also includes regular updates to keep compatible with ServiceNow’s six month release schedule, Müller added. “We guarantee that SnowMirror will be compatible with ServiceNow’s release when it comes out. In fact, because we work closely with ServiceNow, we start work on compatibility very early in their release process,” he explained.

If you’d like to to talk with us about how SnowMirror can help your business get the most out of ServiceNow, get in touch.


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