4:00 pm GMT | 11:00 am EDT

Webinar: Connecting PowerBI to ServiceNow

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Join us for a webinar demonstrating how to connect Microsoft Power BI with ServiceNow. Learn the limitations of native solutions from both ServiceNow and Microsoft, and discover why replicating data to a dedicated reporting database might be a better solution. See how Power BI works with ServiceNow data being stored and synchronized locally.


  1. Limitations of Power BI and ServiceNow ODBC driver
  2. Reporting best practices for cloud services
  3. SnowMirror introduction
  4. Replicating tables to an on-premise database
  5. Creating a sample report using Power BI


4:00 pm GMT | 11:00 am EDT

60 minutes

Pavel Müller

SnowMirror Consultant
Pavel Müller is an entrepreneur, ServiceNow consultant, solution architect and software developer with a focus on integrations. Based on his work with the ServiceNow platform since 2011, in 2014 he co-founded GuideVision, an Elite ServiceNow partner that helps clients bring their enterprise services to life. Pavel is also the creator and consultant of SnowMirror, a smart data replication tool for ServiceNow.
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