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New SnowMirror 4.8 release now available

SnowMirror is committed to staying up to date with the latest ServiceNow release. Now that the ServiceNow Paris release is available, the newest version of the SnowMirror smart replication software for ServiceNow is available for upgrade or free trial download. SnowMirror 4.8 is fully compatible with the latest ServiceNow Paris release, and introduces a few minor changes including a new version notification feature.

SnowMirror is a smart replication tool for ServiceNow. It makes a copy of your data from the ServiceNow cloud for use on your own premises or in your own cloud. This can then be used for reporting, business intelligence, compliance/GDPR or disaster recovery purposes.

With SnowMirror, data from ServiceNow can be used on business intelligence platforms such as PowerBI, Tableau and Qlik, and can be used to create dynamic dashboards that provide business decision makers with valuable insights.

All SnowMirror releases are always compatible with the latest ServiceNow version, in this case the Paris release. SnowMirror 4.8 is backward compatible back to the London release. We recommend checking the ServiceNow schema changes before upgrading to Paris.

SnowMirror 4.8 includes a version checker function; if a new SnowMirror version is available, it will display a notification in the footer of the application. We recommend making use of this feature to stay up to date.

SnowMirror 4.8 is available for free download for registered customers. It is also available for free trial. Release notes and installation instructions are available here. Webinars are also available, including a recording of a SnowMirror demo webinar.

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