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Case Studies


The IT Challenge

“SnowMirror was recommended by a ServiceNow technical support representative as an alternative to using ODBC based queries. At the time (March 2015), it was the only available alternative to ODBC that we found.”

The Solution

“We use 2 SnowMirror installations at Sky. The simplicity and low technical resource demands make it significantly better than ODBC, which needed significant, skilled technical resource and time to build and maintain.”

Sky UK – SnowMirror Case Study (.PDF)


The IT Challenge

ServiceNow is one of the most important operational applications in Region Hovedstaden’s CIMT Service Desk Operations, and receive approximately 1000 cases a day in the system. ServiceNow generates large amounts of highly valuable data and the availability of operational data for reporting purposes is a contributing factor to the system’s return on investment.

The Solution

SnowMirror completely eliminates the need to build and maintain an ETL process to retrieve data from ServiceNow for reporting purposes. There is no longer need to research the ServiceNow’s interface for finding tables and field names. All handled by the system fully automatically.

Hovedstaden Region – SnowMirror Case Study (.PDF)


The IT Challenge

The solution originally consisted of pseudo ODBC driver which was increasingly slow while working with, because the query had to be validated over network. Not only was the validation a challenge, but the process also required a lot of manual design and SQL development.

The Solution

SnowMirror was easy to install, and within hours we were ready to load the first table. This simplified the development process to such an extent, that it was no longer necessary to wait for network to respond, build SSIS packages or maintain the delta loads. This led to a much faster reporting delivery for the managers.

Syddanmark Region – SnowMirror Case Study (.PDF)

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