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ServiceNow shows impressive results in Q3 2021

As the smart solution for ServiceNow data replication, SnowMirror is proud to play an active role in the Now Platform ecosystem. We’re especially encouraged by the strong financial results reported by ServiceNow for Q3 2021, which illustrate the platform’s immense growth.

ServiceNow outperformed its guidance by a large amount across all metrics. The biggest news was the fact that subscription revenues increased by a whopping 31% year-on-year, an outstanding result in any sector.

In his remarks to investors in the Q3 results conference call, ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott gave his perspective on why the company has had such a good quarter. “ServiceNow is leading this 20th to 21st century migration for our customers,” McDermott explained. “The Now Platform, with its immense versatility and scalability, has become the control tower for digital transformation. The second dimension fueling ServiceNow is the reordering of the enterprise application platforms for hyperautomation. Leaders today recognize their technology architecture is their business architecture.”

“The Now Platform connects different applications and data sources to create intuitive mobile experiences, all at a consumer grade,” McDermott said, adding that the Now Platform’s openness is another key success factor. “We don’t ask businesses to bet everything on a single system or collaboration tool. We give choice, which not only unlocks value from our platform but from other platform investments as well.”

ServiceNow’s Rome release came out in Q3 of 2021. ServiceNow Rome includes a number of major new features, including the artificial intelligence-powered Automation Discovery tool. It can provide AI-powered service operations by identifying where automation can be best used. Enhancements to  AIOps also help employees stay productive by helping to predict and resolve problems more quickly. 

The Rome release includes several other key new features, including an Automation Discovery tool, Employee Journey Management and new Customer Service Playbooks.

Rome’s new mobile app builder makes creating mobile apps based on ServiceNow much easier, faster and more powerful.

In addition to the Rome release, ServiceNow added innovative ways to integrate with other platforms. In Q3 2021, ServiceNow and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership that provides integrated workflows for use cases such as IT, HR, facilities and procurement into Microsoft Teams.

While ServiceNow started out as a tool for IT service management, it has quickly added powerful new features for businesses in areas such as finance and human resources. As part of the Rome release, ServiceNow launched Employee Center, a hub for employees to find information and get help across various departments such as IT, human resources, facilities and legal. Employee Center saves employees time on mundane tasks, helps them become more productive and may even help them to avoid burnout. Employee Center is now available as a collaborative app that can be embedded into Teams. 

“Whatever systems, challenges or opportunities you have, however fast you need to move, you have a trusted innovator in ServiceNow,” McDermott said. “We want to make the world work better for everyone, and we’ll never lose our focus on the privilege that comes with saying, the world works with ServiceNow.”

ServiceNow’s impressive growth also bodes well for the Now Platform ecosystem, including SnowMirror, the smart replication tool for ServiceNow. SnowMirror makes it easy for replicated data from the Now Platform to be used on a customer’s premises. This lets companies use their ServiceNow data on powerful business intelligence platforms such as Microsoft PowerBI, SAP Business Objects, Tableau and Qlik. SnowMirror data replication also helps companies recover from disasters more quickly. 

SnowMirror is also offered as part of Infosys’ Enterprise Service Management Café. The ESM Café is an AI-powered plug and play solution with all the process templates you need and the ready-to-deploy code that makes your ServiceNow implementation 40 to 50 percent faster.


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