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The top 3 reasons to replicate your ServiceNow data

With more than 120 major corporate clients using SnowMirror, we’ve gathered significant data on the reasons why customers want to replicate ServiceNow data from the cloud. We spoke recently with SnowMirror Consultant Pavel Müller about the top three reasons why companies use SnowMirror to replicate data from ServiceNow.

“The number one reason is that the replicated data can be used with standard reporting tools such as PowerBI, Qlik and Tableau. These tools create reports in standard forms that managers are accustomed to, and the reports provide extremely valuable insights into how the company is operating,” Müller said.

SnowMirror is a smart replication system that loads data from your ServiceNow instance and stores it in a local database in your local environment.

“The second reason why customers replicate their ServiceNow data has to do with getting data to the customer’s data warehouse,” Müller explained. “This could be for reporting purposes, but increasingly we are seeing machine learning tools being applied to companies’ data, and a replication tool such as SnowMirror makes that much easier,” he added.

Although the term “operational data store” is somewhat outdated, Müller explained, the concept is still relevant, and SnowMirror, with its unidirectional synchronisation of data, makes the process of getting data from ServiceNow into companies’ own data infrastructure that much easier.

A trending reason for SnowMirror’s popularity has been the rise of laws in numerous countries requiring data localisation within that country, Müller explained, adding that this is the case in countries such as India, Russia or even Poland, which despite being an EU Member State has relatively strict requirements. “We believe data localisation and data residency are areas where SnowMirror can help greatly with compliance, helping companies reap the benefits of cloud platforms like ServiceNow and at the same time be in line with the local law,” Müller said.

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