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SnowMirror 3.5 – Istanbul Support

The SnowMirror team proudly announces the release of SnowMirror 3.5 which is fully compatible with the upcoming ServiceNow Istanbul release. The new features and improvements focus mainly on the SnowMirror power users utilizing the tool for synchronizations of large sets of ServiceNow tables. These new features include advanced synchronization filtering and priorities in the scheduler queue.

ServiceNow Istanbul Support

SnowMirror 3.5 series fully supports the latest ServiceNow Istanbul version starting with Patch 0. We’ve performed thorough regression tests using the Istanbul instance which is available in the ServiceNow Early Access Program which is available for ServiceNow Technology partners such as SnowMirror. The improvements and changes related to Istanbul include re-worked Aggregation Plug-In check, updated replication algorithm for database views and improvements in datatype mappings, especially for currency, price, and some other decimal types.

Advanced Filtering

We have improved the filtering capabilities on the list views. So especially the list of synchronizations and the history of runs can be filtered using multiple variables and the conditions can be joined with boolean operators. The filtering user experience was inspired by the ServiceNow native filters so ServiceNow users will find it easy to understand and use.

Advanced Filter

Synchronization Priorities

This feature was typically requested by power users replicating many ServiceNow tables. Some of the tables can be replicated just once a day and more important tables can be scheduled often such as every hour or even every 15 minutes if a critical reporting is in place. The challenge was that if all the replication threads (by default 3) were busy with replicating other tables then the important tables used to be scheduled to the end of the queue and they had to wait until all synchronizations scheduled before them had finished.

SnowMirror 3.5 allows you to configure a priority for each synchronization which enables the higher priority synchronizations to trigger before the lower priorities. The queue of scheduled synchronization runs is simply ordered by priority and then by the scheduled time.


There is a new link on the Dashboard page displaying the queue of scheduled synchronizations including the running ones.


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