SnowMirror 4.2 Features


The SnowMirror 4.2 release contains a set of smaller feature requests including changes in synchronizations of certain table types, changes in Auto Schema Updates and it also supports SAML-based single sign-on.

IMPORTANT – Upgrade to this version requires access to several new ServiceNow system tables (i.e. sys_table_rotation, sys_table_rotation_schedule, sys_archive_log, sys_properties). Please adjust the permissions for your SnowMirror user account according to the Release Notes. Table Rotation Support – SnowMirror can read rotation/extension tables directly from ServiceNow shards, thus improving the performance of the replication. It can also be configured to store data into multiple mirror tables (i.e. one mirror table per shard). Configurable Synchronization Execution –  A new “Synchronize…” feature enables to run a synchronization and to choose all possible settings how to run it. E.g. threading options, dry run mode, differential load with checking missing updates, etc. Auto Schema Update (no truncation) – A new option “Enabled (no truncation)” which does not truncate a mirror table when a new column is created. There is also a possibility to exclude a column from Auto Schema Update. Single Sign-On Authentication – SnowMirror can authenticate users using single sign-on over SAML 2.0 protocol and Web SSO profile. Data Archiving Support  - The support for the ServiceNow data archiving plug-in has been available since SnowMirror 3.8. However, it was a bit hidden. Since 4.2 it is possible to enable the archiving support which checks for archived/restored records as well as enables replicating archiving tables (i.e. tables starting with ar_). There is a lot of other smaller features in this release. Please check out the detailed release notes.

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