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Quick wins for better ServiceNow user engagement

ServiceNow provides various state-of-the-art solutions to any number of business challenges. ServiceNow products are highly solution-focused as well as heavily customer-centric. There are several features available in the ServiceNow platform out-of-the-box which can be enabled and configured to increase user engagement. Some of these powerful features provided by ServiceNow include:

  • Service Portal
  • Tours
  • Virtual Agent 
  • Knowledge
  • Surveys

These features help improve user experience and engagement while providing the best platform services. Most of these features are quick wins as these are configured using low-code to no-code methodology.

Service Portal

Service Portal allows organizations to build a self-service and user-friendly web interface for internal and external users. Implementing the Service Portal is simple enough with the use of the standard out-of-the-box portals. It is also flexible, with the ability to configure and create company-specific themes, menus, page designs, widget designs, and custom functionalities. Companies can and should leverage this robust tool to improve and enhance their users’ experience and interaction with ServiceNow.

Guided Tours

ServiceNow’s Guided Tour is a powerful engine to enable users to self-train without additional assistance. It familiarizes users with the available ServiceNow application user interface. Guided Tours are live tutorials for end users to guide them through new features available on the platform. Guided Tours assist user onboarding and self-service. The ServiceNow platform provides several guided tours by default for core system application functions. System administrators can modify existing Guided Tours or create new ones according to the customer’s requirements.

Virtual Agent 

The ServiceNow Virtual Agent is a messaging interface that uses artificial intelligence to assist users in resolving issues without agent interaction. Virtual Agent is configured and designed to carry on automated conversations with users. The Virtual Agent designer allows system administrators to create and manage topics. Virtual Agent topics act as the plan of communication with users. Users can access the required information, carry out common tasks and make decisions quickly with the help of the Virtual Agent.

Knowledge Management

ServiceNow’s Knowledge Management application allows companies to manage the knowledge articles in the managed repository of knowledge bases. Users can easily access the knowledge bases shared with them and browse through different categories to find relevant articles. Knowledge articles provide users with information on topics such as self-service, troubleshooting and task resolution. Users can also give feedback on the articles to improve content for future use. It promotes knowledge sharing and increases the self-service rates for internal and external users. 

Surveys and Assessments

ServiceNow provides the capability to trigger surveys to users to collect customer satisfaction responses. Surveys are designed and triggered directly from the ServiceNow platform, and survey results are collected and analyzed within the system. Executive leadership can then make business decisions based on the user feedback contained in the survey reports to improve business performance. Users participate in continuous service improvement by giving feedback using surveys and assessments. The net result is enhanced user trust and confidence in business and support services.

All of these ServiceNow features are readily available to be implemented and configured according to the needs of the business. They are quick wins that help organizations to improve user engagement and enhance user experience, which is why we recommend taking advantage of them.

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