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ServiceNow’s latest strategic deals

ServiceNow is growing at a very rapid rate across an increasing number of industries, and workflow automation and rationalised services are becoming more and more prevalent.

Over two days, ServiceNow published two posts with regard to key services they offer in cybersecurity and IT. Although these sectors are considered close to each other, they demand completely different approaches. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that regardless of the sector, ServiceNow can offer numerous improvements.

A case in point is November 2021. The month was very successful for ServiceNow, as the company expanded its reach into technologies and industries via acquisitions and partnerships. One of these is the announced acquisition of ngena, and the ServiceNow platform is also making moves into the world of cryptocurrency.

ngena Acquisition

On November 18, 2021, ServiceNow acquired ngena, a firm that offers its customers through the provision of cloud services via that are comprehensive, entirely automated and easy to use. ngena does this through its SD-WAN as a Service. The deal also includes Thirdera (a professional Now Platform onboarding services provider), and the goal is to enhance the field of network service providers. By using Thirdera as a broker of knowledge between ServiceNow and ngena, the three companies intend to build automated end-to-end services for network service providers.

The combination of ServiceNow’s focus on simplifying full cycle network cycle workflow processes from start to finish with ngena’s cloud and analytical services will mean that network service providers will be able to offer more powerful, more reliable connectivity to their clients. In addition, they will add a strong core of proactive customer service.

“Leveraging the power of ServiceNow’s telecommunications workflows, integrated by Thirdera, and the ability to seamlessly connect customer and service operations and bring new services to market quickly, ngena’s centralised connectivity network will now deliver an unrivaled experience for customers,” said Rohit Batra, ServiceNow’s Head of Telecommunications, Media & Technology Product. Thirdera CEO Jason Wojhan stated that the partnership has the potential to ‘double the revenue in B2B.’

ServiceNow and cryptocurrency with Hedera

Another positive headline from ServiceNow was with regard to the cryptocurrency industry. Until now, the only interactions between ServiceNow and the crypto community were through an Ethereum integration for the ServiceNow platform called EthNow.

Recently the Hedera Hashgraph Governing Council sought to implement on the ServiceNow platform for decentralized transactions. Hedera is an enterprise-grade distributed ledger cryptocurrency company which has set as its goal to ‘provide the most secure network connectivity and transaction processing in the world,’ according to a company press release.

Hedera believes that by using the Now Platform, they can make improvements in the trustworthiness of digital transformation transactions. The two companies previously worked closely together to build a ServiceNow-injected digital ledger which can handle interactions between several companies.

ServiceNow now holds membership on the Hedera Governing Council in conjunction with its creation of more resilient digital ledger technology.


ServiceNow has repeatedly proven that no matter how it is used, the Now Platform can revitalise companies, their operations or even entire industries. Workflow automations and rationalised services are now the standard for any company wishing to be taken seriously, and it is ServiceNow which is providing the means to make that happen.

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