SnowMirror 4.3 for ServiceNow Madrid


Please let us announce the new stable SnowMirror release 4.3. This is a Madrid-compatible release and it also contains an important infrastructure upgrade including Java 11 and Tomcat 9.

IMPORTANT - Users on Linux or users with additional installation adjustments have to finish the upgrade with several manual steps. Please check the Release Notes for more details.

Madrid Compatible Release - SnowMirror has been tested with the latest ServiceNow Madrid release and it is fully compatible with it. As always, SnowMirror stays compatible with the old releases, at least back to Jakarta.

Technology Stack Upgrade - SnowMirror upgrades to Java 11, OpenJDK, and Apache Tomcat 9. This change resolves the new commercial Java licensing conditions by using the open-source version.

Attachment Replication Performance - Improved performance of attachment synchronizations. A synchronization can download data from multiple ServiceNow connections at once.

Please read the detailed release notes for more information about new features and fixes.

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