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SnowMirror 4.9 released: Fully compatible with ServiceNow Quebec

We are proud to announce the new SnowMirror 4.9 release. This release is fully compatible with the new ServiceNow Quebec release. It also contains several new smaller features requested by the SnowMirror community.

For example, there is a new option for using temporary tables during clean loads. At the end of a run, SnowMirror copies the data from a temporary table to the live table instead of renaming and dropping tables. This option is slower but it preserves table permissions and custom indexes.

Another new feature in SnowMirror 4.9 is new notification types to get emails only for failures and successes. This is to avoid having SnowMirror send out too many emails for known warnings.

As always, SnowMirror 4.9 is backward compatible with previous ServiceNow versions too. Please check the ServiceNow Schema Changes before upgrading to Quebec.

You can find more details in the Release Notes.

You can read more about our new releases on the Release Notes page. We’d greatly appreciate your feedback – get in touch if you have any questions.

To upgrade, please follow these steps (Windows version):

  1. Test the whole process in your test environment first
  2. Export existing synchronizations – just to be super-safe
  3. Stop SnowMirror Windows service
  4. Backup the whole installation directory
  5. Install the new version (Choose the correct install dir for the upgrade)
  6. SnowMirror starts automatically again

Rollback plan:

  1. Delete the existing install dir and replace it with the backup (pure file copy)
  2. In case #1 fails, email me. In the worst case, you have the export file

You can always read our full upgrade guide.

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