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SnowMirror for Salesforce is now Mirror121

The smart replication tool formerly known as SnowMirror for Salesforce is now known as Mirror121. Mirror121 replicates your Salesforce data on your own infrastructure, which enables you to use your data with your preferred business intelligence tools, ensure compliance with local laws or provide business continuity and disaster recovery.

Now that Mirror121 is a completely separate product, it has its own development roadmap and the Mirror121 team guarantees that it will keep pace with every Salesforce release. The newest releases are in the 3.0.0 series.

Mirror121 is a product of AspectWorks, a premier enterprise Salesforce consultancy and software development company specialising in the custom implementation of technology solutions to increase your competitive advantage. AspectWorks’ expertise has been built over 14 years and more than 380 successful projects with major clients across three continents.

There is a clear need for Mirror121’s smart replication for Salesforce. Of all Salesforce customers, 7 out of 10 need to work with their Salesforce data outside of the cloud. About 80% of Mirror121 customers use their mirror database for reporting and analysis, using popular tools like Tableau, PowerBI, SAP Business Intelligence, Cognos and many more.

One Fortune 500 company struggled to connect their SAP BusinessObjects to their Salesforce data. By introducing Mirror121 and regularly replicating data into their Oracle database, the SAP BO was able to connect seamlessly to the data. There are similar stories for Tableau or Qlik users. The remaining 20% of Mirror121 customers use it to simplify their integration architecture, for data archival, backups or disaster recovery.

Mirror121 is designed to be run on a local computer on your premises (Windows and Linux operating systems are supported). It is a Java application, and works with leading databases such as Oracle, MySQL or MariaDB, Microsoft SQL server, PostgreSQL, and Snowflake. According to the replication jobs configured, it downloads data changes from a Salesforce instance and updates the mirror database. No Salesforce changes are needed; the mirror uses the out-of-the-box API available in every Salesforce release.

Mirror121’s performance has been tested on huge Salesforce instances and it is able to synchronise millions of records in less than an hour. Mirror121 has no or very low impact on the Salesforce instance’s performance. The impact is much smaller than live reporting or any live integration directly to Salesforce.

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