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SnowMirror 5.5: Smart ServiceNow replication gets a UI refresh

SnowMirror, the smart replication solution for ServiceNow, has announced its new 5.5 release. SnowMirror 5.5 brings a user interface update that makes it easier to get oriented with your ServiceNow synchronizations. Like every SnowMirror release, the new 5.5 version is compatible with the latest ServiceNow release, Vancouver, as well as previous versions. Users can download and install SnowMirror 5.5 from our website.

SnowMirror 5.5’s new user interface now includes a clean, modern design that provides improved readability and orientation. The new UI design makes use of improved typography and a color and icon scheme that gives users a more modern overall experience. “Existing SnowMirror users can rest assured – the design update keeps all its functions in the places you’ve come to expect them,” explains Pavel Müller, SnowMirror’s creator.

For more granular control over your ServiceNow synchronizations, the SnowMirror 5.5 release now includes an option to add multiple schedulers to your synchronization. This allows you to set individual synchronizations, each at their own time, with standard replication options such as incremental synchronization or clean and synchronize.

Amazon Web Services users will appreciate SnowMirror 5.5’s support for IAM roles if SnowMirror is running in the Amazon cloud. This support adds an option to authenticate into Amazon S3 and Redshift database using IAM roles.

SnowMirror 5.5 also includes improvements to security in the form of support for TLS 1.3, as well as tighter restrictions on allowed ciphers that are considered secure. The 5.5 release also uses the Content Security Policy (CSP) HTTP header.

The release also updates the software’s dependencies to ensure smooth operation going forward.

A large number of Fortune 500 companies and major ServiceNow users worldwide have come to rely on SnowMirror for dependable, granular replication of their ServiceNow data. This data can be used in a wide variety of contexts, from enhanced reporting using BI tools such as Tableau and PowerBI, major incident recovery, and improved ServiceNow performance. ServiceNow data can be replicated to your own on-premise infrastructure or to the world’s leading cloud platforms.

To get a sense of SnowMirror’s power and ease of use, you can install a free 30-day trial version. We also provide free webinars to enhance your understanding of SnowMirror and ServiceNow replication, as well as providing detailed documentation and support.

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