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SnowMirror now compatible with Snowflake

SnowMirror now compatible with Snowflake

As we expand SnowMirror’s capabilities, one of our top priorities is that our tool can be used by any business regardless of their preferred data platform. We already support on-premise databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL, as well as cloud-managed DBs such as AWS RDS or Azure SQL. As of today we’re supporting Snowflake, an increasingly popular choice used by over a thousand enterprise companies worldwide.

Snowflake is a data warehouse built for the cloud, making it a perfect fit for SnowMirror. The platform is designed to easily amass all your data, enable rapid analytics, and quickly make data insights available to all of your users, consumers, and systems that need them. Snowflake was built with broad support for standard SQL to leverage your current skills and tools. Updates, deletes, analytical functions, transactions, and complex joins give full capabilities to make use of your data.

Data and BI teams are now able to manage their ServiceNow data better than ever before. With SnowMirror, you can simply replicate ServiceNow data to Snowflake directly without an intermediate staging area. This will ensure that your ServiceNow data is always loaded and updated correctly and that you can automate these processes to focus on getting the best insights. Managing and maintaining a state-of-the-art data infrastructure has never been easier and with these tools you’ll be able to instantly manipulate, transform, and analyze your ServiceNow data efficiently.

We welcome all Snowflake users to try SnowMirror and leverage the combined power of both platforms to manage data efficiently in the cloud. Please download SnowMirror now and evaluate it in your own environment.

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