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SnowMirror Performance API

With very large ServiceNow instances, time is of the essence when it comes to data replication. Companies that use ServiceNow and require faster transfer speeds for their replicated data can now use the Performance API, available as part of SnowMirror’s Cluster Edition. SnowMirror is the smart data replication solution for ServiceNow, and it enables the fast transfer of data from your ServiceNow instance from their cloud to your own infrastructure.

The Performance API brings significantly faster data transfer compared to SnowMirror’s traditional REST API. It is primarily targeted to the biggest ServiceNow customers with the largest amounts of data.

The SnowMirror Performance API is a custom API. Once it is installed in ServiceNow and reconfigured in SnowMirror, the Performance API increases transfer speeds substantially. To take advantage of its power, you’ll need to install an update set in your ServiceNow environment and then reconfigure your SnowMirror setup. We’ve got extensive documentation that walks you through the entire process. The SnowMirror Cluster Edition’s Performance API is able to achieve better download times by turning off ACL checks, skipping business rules, and streaming the results. It is an optional feature; the standard REST API remains a default option and works very well for most of our users.

SnowMirror is available in three standard editions: Lite, Enterprise, and Cluster. The Performance API is only available in the Cluster Edition, which also includes support for an unlimited number of ServiceNow nodes, cluster deployment, and Platinum 24×7 support. A complete breakdown of SnowMirror’s editions and their features is available on our website.

A large number of Fortune 500 companies and major ServiceNow users worldwide have come to rely on SnowMirror for dependable, granular replication of their ServiceNow data. SnowMirror is also available as a combined solution with the Infosys Enterprise Service Management Café. ServiceNow customers use SnowMirror to replicate their data in a wide variety of contexts, from enhanced reporting using BI tools such as Tableau and PowerBI, major incident recovery, and improved ServiceNow performance. ServiceNow data can be replicated to your own on-premise infrastructure or to the world’s leading cloud platforms. To get a sense of SnowMirror’s power and ease of use, we offer a free 30-day trial version. We also provide free webinars to enhance your understanding of SnowMirror and ServiceNow data replication. We also invite you to visit our SnowMirror Academy, which is a free series of videos on demand designed to get you up to speed with a wide variety of topics.

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