ServiceNow Data Replication

Get the most out of your ServiceNow replications and tailor SnowMirror to your needs with the knowledge in this module.

Module description

The ten videos in this module will provide you with more detailed information on how you can be more productive with your SnowMirror instance. These lessons focus on individual topics that will help you perform more advanced replication, configuring and troubleshooting tasks in SnowMirror, and are presented by Pavel Müller, SnowMirror’s creator. This module is intended for users who have already completed the SnowMirror basics module, and there is no charge or registration required to view the videos.

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Module details

Pavel Müller

Pavel Müller

SnowMirror Creator

Replication algorithm and logs

Get familiar with SnowMirror’s incremental replication algorithm and how to troubleshoot using logs.


Learn about scheduling and individual synchronizations in greater detail.

Consistency checks

How to use the consistency check phase, and how to resolve data inconsistencies with individual execution types.

Delete strategies

Going into depth on another phase of the algorithm: Deleting records

Data filtering

How to filter data using ServiceNow’s language and generating encoded queries.


Setting up SnowMirror to send notifications using email.

Schema changes

How to handle changes in ServiceNow’s schema in SnowMirror.

Bulk create

How to save time and effort by creating multiple synchronizations at once.

Special features

Go in depth on special ServiceNow data model features. Reference fields and reference and display values.

Global settings

Discover some of the very useful features in SnowMirror’s Settings menu.
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