Webinar: SnowMirror Performance Tuning


Tuesday, September 24, 3:00 pm BST | 10:00 am EST

Performance and data throughput is one of the most important topics for ServiceNow data replication. It is necessary to understand the factors driving SnowMirror performance and be aware of settings impacting the replication speed.

The webinar is designed for existing SnowMirror users and evaluating customers as well. Together we will uncover the replication architecture as well as details about SnowMirror algorithms. The speaker, SnowMirror consultant, will provide useful tips and tricks and best practices.


  • Replication architecture and its impact on performance
  • ServiceNow nodes - performance settings
  • SnowMirror statistics
  • Delete strategy - the performance killer
  • Non-updating tables - fine-tuning their synchronizations
  • Advanced performance settings


Pavel Müller
SnowMirror Consultant

SnowMirror product manager and ServiceNow architect focusing on integrations.


Webinar Recording:

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