SnowMirror Videocast – Overview

In this video, we will show you the basic interface and usage of SnowMirror.

SnowMirror Videocast – Basic Installation

In this video, we will go through the installation and then use the configuration wizard to configure SnowMirror in as little time as possible.

SnowMirror Videocast – Synchronization Setup

In this video, we will be setting up a custom synchronization with all the advanced options explained, as well as setting multiple synchronizations at once.

Webinar – How to Backup ServiceNow Data

Join us for an informational webinar demonstrating how SnowMirror Backup, the new module of the popular SnowMirror replication tool, helps you protecting ServiceNow data against human errors or errors in automated scripts. Learn how to manage your backup policies for individual ServiceNow tables, how to schedule backups and configure retention policies and finally how to restore the tables from the backups.

Webinar – Integrating Tableau with ServiceNow

Join us for a webinar demonstrating how to connect the popular BI tool Tableau with ServiceNow. Learn the limitations of the native solution from ServiceNow, the ODBC driver, and discover why replicating data into a traditional database might be a better solution. See how Tableau works with ServiceNow data being stored and synchronized locally.

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