Comparison Table

ServiceNow Data Replication Options SnowMirror ODBC Geneva Scheduled Export
Scheduled replications
Incremental data load
User interface of data replication management Advanced None Basic
Table replication
View Replication
Attachment replication
Deleted records support
Data filtering
Auto DB schema update
Replication history
Datailed replication log
Data consistency check
Database support Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, H2, PostgreSql Custom development Custom development
Performance impact on ServiceNow Low High Very Low
Display values support
Real database schema (sys_ids)
Error handling
Email notification on errors
Timezone support Full Partial Partial
Bulk create replications
User roles
Network security HTTPS HTTPS HTTPS
ServiceNow credentials are stored securely N/A
ServiceNow plugin to manage replication
Requirements Virtual or physical server to run SnowMirror, DB schema Environment connecting to ServiceNow over ODBC MID Server
Cluster mode
Setup Configuration in UI Custom development ServiceNow UI followed by custom development
Upgrades By the service provider By the user By ServiceNow and user
Support By the service provider By the user By the user
Cost License fee applies No license fee No license fee

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