ServiceNow, machine learning and SnowMirror


As ServiceNow grows in both importance and in functionality in businesses, the amount and scope of data collected can provide companies with a wealth of information that can be used in more innovative ways. At the same time, an increasing…

What makes a good data visualisation great?


Dr. John Snow's map of London cholera deaths

SnowMirror enables data to be replicated from a ServiceNow or Salesforce cloud instance to a company’s own infrastructure for further processing. That’s one of the most important reasons for using it. The further processing could be for use in a…

Data without backup? Now that’s what we’d call a real horror story


Now that Halloween is here it may not be Michael Myers or Freddy Krueger who keeps IT administrators up at night. It may not even be Pennywise, the clown from the movie IT, or the evil dolls Chucky or Annabelle….

ServiceNow’s New York release – Getting more out of its features


The newest ServiceNow release, “New York,” includes a wide range of new features and improvements. Using SnowMirror, a smart replication tool for ServiceNow, users can get even more out of the powerful features in New York. The headline new features…

How to Connect Tableau with ServiceNow


Integrating Tableau with ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a great cloud service. Although it offers some reporting capabilities, many ServiceNow customers have complicated requirements for reporting or business analytics. Either ServiceNow’s reporting is not sufficient for them, or their corporate standard is a different BI or…

Thank You For Visiting Us at Knowledge 2019


It was great talking to you at the booth about our tools. Now you can download SnowMirror datasheets and watch a quick demo. Let’s schedule a demo!                          …

Why Is SnowMirror Faster Than ODBC?


There is an interesting discussion SnowMirror vs. ODBC driver on the ServiceNow Community. This is a topic touching the original motivation for creating SnowMirror. We have been developing SnowMirror since 2012 and the need for such a tool is still…

SnowMirror 4.2 Features


The SnowMirror 4.2 release contains a set of smaller feature requests including changes in synchronizations of certain table types, changes in Auto Schema Updates and it also supports SAML-based single sign-on. IMPORTANT – Upgrade to this version requires access to several…

How to Set Up a Production SnowMirror


Back Up ServiceNow Data

In one of the previous posts, we described how to evaluate SnowMirror efficiently. In this article, we give you several best practices on how to install and configure production environment for SnowMirror. Following these best practices will save you some…

NowForum London 2018


Join SnowMirror in London and learn how to create an on-premise ServiceNow read replica to deliver reports on your preferred platform or how to simplify your ServiceNow integrations. NowForum is a free, one‑day event where you can learn directly from…

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