New SnowMirror Website



SnowMirror has been developed since 2012 and it has been on the market since 2013. After more than 3 years we proudly introduce our new website which presents SnowMirror in a modern and comprehensible way. It also allows buying the…

NowForum in London – a great success!


Thank you for joining us at NowForum London. Our joint booth, SnowMirror together with GuideVision, had a great success. Many customers stopped by to say hello and to talk about their future plans. And our master distributor GuideVision was able…

Istanbul Testing in Progress


It’s been a month since we started testing SnowMirror against the next ServiceNow release called Istanbul. The great news is that SnowMirror has no major issues with replicating Istanbul instances. It means that the SnowMirror 3.4 users are able to upgrade…

Consistency Check


ServiceNow Back Up

Announcement: SnowMirror 3.2 – Consistency Check The new release SnowMirror 3.2 brings several improvements and fixes as requested by our growing user base. The most important feature is the Consistency Check which compares the number of records on both sides…

SnowMirror Certified for Helsinki


ServiceNow Certified

SnowMirror Monitor, the native ServiceNow application, has just received the official ServiceNow certification for the ServiceNow Helsinki release. The application is available for download on the ServiceNow Store. The whole SnowMirror team is proud to achieve this important milestone. Thanks…

SnowMirror 3.4 – Index Replication


SnowMirror – Index Replication

Announcement: SnowMirror 3.4 Released SnowMirror team announces the availability of a new release SnowMirror 3.4. This release contains the most voted features from the Knowledge16 conference in Las Vegas. The main features are the replication of indexes from ServiceNow tables…

ServiceNow Helsinki Supported


ServiceNow Helsinki

Welcome to SnowMirror 3.3! Even before the official launch at Knowledge16, SnowMirror team is proud to announce a general availability of its ServiceNow replication tool being fully compatible with the upcoming Helsinki release. SnowMirror 3.3 introduces several new features as…

ServiceNow Geneva Released


ServiceNow announced general availability of their latest release Geneva today. SnowMirror is always keeping pace with ServiceNow releases and patches, so welcome SnowMirror 3.1, Geneva-compatible version which was released the same day as ServiceNow Geneva. This new version contains several…

SnowMirror 3.0 Released


Blog image

SnowMirror team proudly announces the general availability of SnowMirror 3.0. We started developing SnowMirror 3 in cooperation with ServiceNow database experts several months ago. The cooperation resulted in a completely re-worked replication algorithm together with several new features improving SnowMirror…

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