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Creative ways to connect PowerBI to ServiceNow data


On the SnowMirror website, we see that one of the more popular topics people search for is how they can connect PowerBI to their ServiceNow data. This was the topic of a recent SnowMirror webinar which you can view on…

SnowMirror is now a part of Infosys’ product offerings


SnowMirror is now offered as part of Infosys' Enterprise Service Management Cafe.

SnowMirror by GuideVision, the smart replication system for ServiceNow, is now included in Infosys’ market-leading Cobalt and Enterprise Service Management Cafe solutions. Infosys Cobalt has a large repository of ServiceNow industry cloud solutions such as the Enterprise Service Management Café….

SnowMirror 4.9 released: Fully compatible with ServiceNow Quebec


We are proud to announce the new SnowMirror 4.9 release. This release is fully compatible with the new ServiceNow Quebec release. It also contains several new smaller features requested by the SnowMirror community. For example, there is a new option…

SnowMirror for Salesforce is now Mirror121


The smart replication tool formerly known as SnowMirror for Salesforce is now known as Mirror121. Mirror121 replicates your Salesforce data on your own infrastructure, which enables you to use your data with your preferred business intelligence tools, ensure compliance with…

How to adapt customer service to constant shifts in demand


3 ways businesses can maintain rock-solid customer service when the unexpected happens When your business is still in its infancy, it’s relatively easy to deliver dedicated and effective customer support. That’s one of the reasons a lot of people like…

5 ways to reduce cloud spend


Best practices for managing cloud spend without increasing operational risk A Gartner study revealed that 80% of organisations go over budget with their cloud migration projects. Moreover, most cloud costs simply end up going to waste on resources that will…

Integrating software asset management across your business


How integrated software asset management helps streamline inter-departmental operations By now, most enterprises already have IT service management (ITSM) in place, but software asset management (SAM) often isn’t considered a top priority for CIOs. However, while ITSM is geared more…

Navigating the new normal with digital employee experiences


Remote work is here to stay, but how can companies deliver a great employee experience? Recent years have seen a surge in remote work. The gig economy is bigger than ever, and employees are craving greater flexibility and a better…

What could the recent ServiceNow integration with a variety of DevOps platforms bring you


What the recent ServiceNow integrations mean for DevOps teams Software development and IT teams have traditionally functioned under their own sets of rules and processes, resulting in operational siloes. The lack of collaboration between the two has long resulted in…

Combining ServiceNow and Tanium for modern IT workflows


GuideVision – ServiceNow Elite Partner to provide consulting on the ServiceNow and Tanium platforms Business collaborations are extremely valuable in today’s world. GuideVision sees it this way as well, and is building on a partnership with two IT service providers,…

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