5 digital trends set to shape the future of work in 2020


What are the biggest trends shaping the modern workplace now and tomorrow? There’s never a dull moment in the world of business as technological development continues to transform not just our personal lives, but also the way we work. Recent…

What is an internal software audit, and why does it matter?


How internal software audits help streamline compliance and reduce costs As enterprise technology becomes increasingly defined by its software-based infrastructure, the need for a robust software asset management (SAM) solution is greater than ever. Many smaller organisations still rely on…

Connecting ServiceNow™ with PowerBI™ – dos, don’ts and best practices


We at SnowMirror are great fans of Microsoft PowerBI, and we wanted to share with you some dos and don’ts and best practices when connecting ServiceNow with PowerBI. PowerBI has grown massively in popularity recently, and it’s easy to see…

Understanding replication, part 1: E, T and L


Data and databases have evolved tremendously in recent years, in many cases moving from on-premises solutions to the cloud, or to a combination of both. This is especially important when it comes to cloud-based solutions such as ServiceNow. Because the…

How to recover lost ServiceNow data


A regular backup of your ServiceNow data is critical. In a previous post, we described why it is necessary to perform independent backups of individual tables using tools such as SnowMirror. Once you know that you have regular snapshots of…

Webinar: Connecting PowerBI to ServiceNow


Thursday, June 25, 3:00 pm GMT | 11:00 am EDT Watch a Recording   Unfortunately, this webinar has ended, but you can still watch the recording by clicking the button “Watch a Recording”. Join us for a webinar demonstrating how…

How to connect ServiceNow to Tableau


ServiceNow is a great cloud service. Although it offers some reporting capabilities, many ServiceNow customers have complicated requirements for reporting or business analytics. Either ServiceNow’s reporting is not sufficient for them, or their corporate standard is a different BI or…

Knowledge 2020 – Global Partner Ecosystem Summit Digital Event


Our guest blogger is David M. Parsons, ServiceNow’s Senior Vice President of Global Alliances and Channel Ecosystems.  Knowledge 2020 Digital Experience (K20DE) has launched with excellent reviews and engagement from our partners and ServiceNow customers. The Global Partner Ecosystem Summit…

Common misconceptions about SnowMirror


Common misconceptions about SnowMirror can be quickly put to rest and the true value of the smart replication tool can be fully put to use.

Because it works as an extension to products like ServiceNow or Salesforce, SnowMirror is sometimes misunderstood, but once potential users understand how useful it is and how much functionality it enables, it quickly becomes a must-have part of a company’s…

Using external dashboards with ServiceNow


Using external dashboards with ServiceNow.

There are a lot of reasons why companies use ServiceNow – its ease of use, the fact that it’s a cloud application, its extensibility and its huge community are just some of the reasons. At the same time, business dashboards…

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