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SnowMirror introducing new pricing plan


GuideVision has introduced a new pricing plan of SnowMirror that will better align our licensing structure to that of ServiceNow. We believe the new plan will set up a more streamlined price structure that meets the needs of SnowMirror clients, enable…

New features in ServiceNow San Diego: Some of our favourites


SnowMirror is the smart replication solution for ServiceNow, and we’re fully compatible with the upcoming ServiceNow San Diego release. There are quite a few technical improvements in ServiceNow San Diego that we are looking forward to, and we’ve got a…

Superb results for ServiceNow in Q4 and all of 2021


ServiceNow is the world’s leading digital workflow company, and its results for Q4 and all of 2021 have been truly impressive. “We once again reported results that significantly beat the high end of expectations,” said ServiceNow President and CEO Bill…

Easy ways to engage ServiceNow users


ServiceNow offers a wide variety of cutting-edge solutions to numerous challenges business face. Now Platform products are tightly-focused and at the same time place the customer at the centre of the experience. Because engaged users are so important to the…

The ServiceNow CMDB Data Manager helps keep CIs orderly


By Tomasz Kasprzak ServiceNow consultant, GuideVision As ServiceNow implementations mature, many companies’ configuration management databases, or CMDBs, collect large numbers of configuration items, with numerous items not as new or out of date completely. This can make data quality worse…

How to tackle operational complexity with automation and AI


Using AI to automate routine business processes and prioritise business-critical issues There are myriad state-of-the-art solutions to the issues businesses face today, but although they are widely available, the covid-19 pandemic has reminded us how vulnerable the economy is. What…

ServiceNow’s latest strategic deals


ServiceNow is growing at a very rapid rate across an increasing number of industries, and workflow automation and rationalised services are becoming more and more prevalent. Over two days, ServiceNow published two posts with regard to key services they offer…

Quick wins for better ServiceNow user engagement


ServiceNow provides various state-of-the-art solutions to any number of business challenges. ServiceNow products are highly solution-focused as well as heavily customer-centric. There are several features available in the ServiceNow platform out-of-the-box which can be enabled and configured to increase user…

Using SnowMirror with Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular cloud services in the world, offering everything from virtual machines to SQL servers to managed disks. SnowMirror is a smart replication tool for ServiceNow and Salesforce. But what a lot of potential…

5 ServiceNow tips & tricks


ServiceNow provides multiple business solutions widely used by organizations. Many users interact with the system according to the roles and privileges they have on it. Even though the simple user interface of ServiceNow is standard across all the user personas,…

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