SnowMirror 3.2 – Consistency Check


SnowMirror – Consistency Check

The new release SnowMirror 3.2 brings several improvements and fixes as requested by our growing user base. The most important feature is the Consistency Check which compares the number of records on both sides and raises a warning if necessary….

Introduction to Display Values


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The official ServiceNow documentation says: Reference fields store a Sys ID, for each referenced record in the database, but the Sys ID is not shown. The reference field shows the display value. And then some other bits and pieces on how…

ServiceNow Geneva Released


ServiceNow announced general availability of their latest release Geneva today. SnowMirror is always keeping pace with ServiceNow releases and patches, so welcome SnowMirror 3.1, Geneva-compatible version which was released the same day as ServiceNow Geneva. This new version contains several…

Dealing with Time Zones in ServiceNow


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On the surface time zones seem to be fairly straightforward to deal with, but as we’ve learned, there are a few pitfalls to look out for. In this short post, I will describe how ServiceNow works with dates and time…

SnowMirror 3.0 Released


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SnowMirror team proudly announces the general availability of SnowMirror 3.0. We started developing SnowMirror 3 in cooperation with ServiceNow database experts several months ago. The cooperation resulted in a completely re-worked replication algorithm together with several new features improving SnowMirror…

Backup Critical ServiceNow Data


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EDIT: There is a completely new ServiceNow backup feature in SnowMirror 3.3. Read more about backing up individual ServiceNow tables. Backing up critical data has been a best practice for decades. Storage, backup solutions, and processes have evolved so much…

Working With Database Indexes in ServiceNow


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Creating database indexes in ServiceNow database used to be a bit more complicated because you had to raise a ticket in the HI instance. However starting with Fuji you can define the database indexes on your own. In this post,…

Beta Program Started


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Participate in the SnowMirror Beta Program and be among the first to test the latest features of SnowMirror against the latest ServiceNow releases. We started developing SnowMirror 3 in cooperation with ServiceNow database experts several months ago. The cooperation resulted in a…

Video Tutorial on How to Setup Synchronizations


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In today’s video tutorial, we will be setting up a custom synchronization with all the advanced options explained, as well as setting multiple synchronizations at once. This video was published as a new episode of our Videocast series in which…

Watch the SnowMirror Overview


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Data synchronization is simple with SnowMirror. In today’s video, we will show you how easy it is to setup automatic synchronizations, and how to customize them according to your needs. At the end of this videocast episode you can see how the incremental…

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