SnowMirror at NowForum London


NowForum London

GuideVision, the SnowMirror master partner, is a proud sponsor of NowForum London on October 27th. Stop by at GuideVision booth and meet SnowMirror consultants in person to learn more about the benefits of replicating data from ServiceNow cloud into on-premise…

SnowMirror Certified for Helsinki


ServiceNow Certified

SnowMirror Monitor, the native ServiceNow application, has just received the official ServiceNow certification for the ServiceNow Helsinki release. The application is available for download on the ServiceNow Store. The whole SnowMirror team is proud to achieve this important milestone. Thanks…

SnowMirror 3.4 – Index Replication


SnowMirror – Index Replication

Announcement: SnowMirror 3.4 Released SnowMirror team announces the availability of a new release SnowMirror 3.4. This release contains the most voted features from the Knowledge16 conference in Las Vegas. The main features are the replication of indexes from ServiceNow tables…

ServiceNow Data Model


ServiceNow Data Model

Most of the SnowMirror users benefit from replicated ServiceNow database for reporting or business intelligence purposes. They connect their tools to a mirror database to work with the ServiceNow tables. However, to build a great report, dashboard or analysis you have…

Offload ServiceNow Reporting


Offload ServiceNow Reporting

Our user base contains several tens of large ServiceNow customers and there is one common need that is worth sharing. Often we are approached by the customers who want to make the most of their ServiceNow data by having full-time access…

How to Back Up ServiceNow Data


ServiceNow Back Up

ServiceNow does a great job to ensure that the data is secure and that the instances run with a high availability. The environments are backed up every day which covers critical errors or major data loss. However, the restore procedure…

ServiceNow Helsinki Supported


ServiceNow Helsinki

Welcome to SnowMirror 3.3! Even before the official launch at Knowledge16, SnowMirror team is proud to announce a general availability of its ServiceNow replication tool being fully compatible with the upcoming Helsinki release. SnowMirror 3.3 introduces several new features as…

Meet Us at Knowledge16


Stop by at booth #1728 to discuss SnowMirror features and benefits directly with SnowMirror consultants. We are attending the largest ServiceNow conference Knowledge16 held in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada from May 15 to May 20. Don’t forget to grab…

Data Archiving Supported


SnowMirror – Index Replication

ServiceNow contains an optional Data Archiving plug-in which allows moving data that is no longer necessary for immediate day-to-day access from primary tables into a set of archive tables. SnowMirror supported these archiving processes only by using a differential delete strategy…

Consistency Check – FAQ


The new Consistency Check feature is very useful and very popular functionality in SnowMirror 3.2. It compares the number of records on the ServiceNow side with the number of rows in the mirror database after each replication run. If the…

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