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Operational versus strategic reporting


Operational versus strategic reporting.

They may seem similar, but there is an important difference between operational and strategic business intelligence, especially with regard to ServiceNow. As a smart replication tool for ServiceNow data, SnowMirror supports both, of course, but we’d like to go into…

SnowMirror, ServiceNow and Tableau


SnowMirror, ServiceNow and Tableau work together to unlock the potential of your business and its data.

This is the second in a series of blog posts intended to serve as an introduction to SnowMirror for executives who may be new to the tool, its uses and benefits. ServiceNow’s functionality, flexibility and community have made it extremely…

SnowMirror brings clear benefits to ServiceNow users


SnowMirror brings clear benefits to ServiceNow users.

This is the first in a series of blog posts intended to serve as an introduction to SnowMirror for executives who may be new to the tool, its uses and benefits. ServiceNow’s Now Platform is massively popular with companies because…

Snowflake, SnowMirror and ServiceNow


Snowflake, SnowMirror and ServiceNow. The three platforms work together beautifully, and SnowMirror supports Snowflake as a database platform, including its hosted versions on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

The Snowflake cloud data platform has enjoyed tremendous growth in recent months, and it’s pretty clear why. Snowflake provides a flexible cloud solution that enables companies to pursue a multi-cloud strategy, including a cross-cloud approach to mix and match clouds…

Webinar: SnowMirror Demo


Tuesday, February 25, 4:00 pm GMT | 11:00 am EST Watch a Recording   Unfortunately, this webinar has ended, but you can still watch the recording by clicking the button “Watch a Recording”. Join us for a webinar demonstrating how…

Identifying the opportunities hidden in ServiceNow data


ServiceNow is an extremely effective platform not only for ITSM but for managing many aspects of a company’s operation. This has long been clear. But one of the areas that may go underutilized among ServiceNow users is the ability to…

ServiceNow, machine learning and SnowMirror


ServiceNow, machine learning and SnowMirror

As ServiceNow grows in both importance and in functionality in businesses, the amount and scope of data collected can provide companies with a wealth of information that can be used in more innovative ways. At the same time, an increasing…

How to convince your boss to replicate your company’s ServiceNow data


Because SnowMirror has worked with IT professionals worldwide since 2012, and because we’re IT professionals ourselves, we know firsthand that when it comes to making software purchasing recommendations, management tends to overlook IT’s recommendations or place them on a lower…

How to load ServiceNow data into AWS


With more than 34% market share of the entire global cloud – larger than its next three competitors combined – Amazon Web Services’ position on the market is dominant. AWS offers a wide variety of services, everything from content distribution…

What makes a good data visualisation great?


What makes a good visualisation great? Here's one of the first: Dr. John Snow's map of London cholera deaths

SnowMirror enables data to be replicated from a ServiceNow or Salesforce cloud instance to a company’s own infrastructure for further processing. That’s one of the most important reasons for using it. The further processing could be for use in a…

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