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SnowMirror 2.1 Released – New REST API


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SnowMirror team announces a new release version 2.1. We continuously collect feedback from our customers and users so all the new features are based on their real-world project needs. We have introduced a new REST API to enable to control,…

Activate ServiceNow Plug-In To Get All Features


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The only mandatory requirement SnowMirror has is a user account with sufficient rights to download the data. It is highly recommended, though, to activate one ServiceNow plug-in. Let’s have a look why it is a good idea to have the plug-in…

SnowMirror 2.0 Released – Eureka and Views Support


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Today we proudly announce the general availability of SnowMirror 2.0. SnowMirror was born over two years ago, on one of the largest ServiceNow integration projects around the world. We spent many months researching, building and fine-tuning since version 1.0 to finally achieve the…

Where To Install SnowMirror


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Experience tells us SnowMirror is usually not part of the first ServiceNow implementation projects. The need to mirror ServiceNow data into customer’s premises usually comes up during the project or even more often after the tool is in production environment….

Why To Mirror ServiceNow Data?


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The history of SnowMirror began back in 2011. We were part of a huge ServiceNow implementation project in one logistics company having one of the largest ServiceNow instances in the world. Our goal was to design an integration architecture and…

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