ServiceNow Sales Kickoff 2015


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As SnowMirror is becoming more and more popular within the ServiceNow community and our user base is growing, we are happy to participate in ServiceNow Sales Kickoff in Phoenix. We are looking forward to introducing SnowMirror in person and show to our potential partners…

Free SnowMirror Datasheet Now Available!


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The new SnowMirror Datasheet is now available on our website for free. It covers the main benefits of SnowMirror, discusses the IT challenge, the solution, and describes SnowMirror’s main features. Download the SnowMirror Datasheet in PDF.

SnowMirror Celebrating 300 Downloads


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The total number of SnowMirror downloads has reached another milestone: 300! We’ve been working hard on improving SnowMirror and are very happy to see that you enjoy our software! Thank you for your support!  Download SnowMirror Now ›

Relationship Between SnowMirror And The Cloud Paradigm


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We know SnowMirror goes against the cloud computing paradigm but that is life in all its fullness. It turns out 7 out of 10 of our local customers (ServiceNow consulting customers) need such a tool.

Introducing the New SnowMirror FAQ


It is always our pleasure to answer any questions you may have about SnowMirror and ServiceNow. Now we’ve decided to take a step forward, and we’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ). Starting today, we would like to present…

Using External Schedulers


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Our customers and SnowMirror users continue to surprise us every day. We have implemented so many new features into SnowMirror based on the customer feedback we cannot even count them. ServiceNow admins and data analysts are using SnowMirror in many…

What’s New in SnowMirror 2.2 Series


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Several weeks ago we released a first version of SnowMirror 2.2 series and today we have released another minor update. In this post I would like to summarize all the new features we have prepared for our users. The new…

SnowMirror 2.1 Released – New REST API


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SnowMirror team announces a new release version 2.1. We continuously collect feedback from our customers and users so all the new features are based on their real-world project needs. We have introduced a new REST API to enable to control,…

Activate ServiceNow Plug-In To Get All Features


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The only mandatory requirement SnowMirror has is a user account with sufficient rights to download the data. It is highly recommended, though, to activate one ServiceNow plug-in. Let’s have a look why it is a good idea to have the plug-in…

SnowMirror 2.0 Released – Eureka and Views Support


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Today we proudly announce the general availability of SnowMirror 2.0. SnowMirror was born over two years ago, on one of the largest ServiceNow integration projects around the world. We spent many months researching, building and fine-tuning since version 1.0 to finally achieve the…

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